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TENGA EGG Male Masturbator, The Tenga Egg Series may look small, but its super-stretchable material can fit users of almost any size! TENGA’s Easy Beat EGG is a revolutionary disposable male masturbator suction stroker that combines the latest engineering advancements with quality craftsmanship to provide unprecedented sensation.

Model no:-TEMM999

Main Feature:-

  • So, you can get free lubricant.
  • So, our male masturbator EGG features opposing angles that create different sensations when stroking up and down
  • Discrete and portable, our one-size-fits-all male masturbators are constructed of super-stretchable elastomer that expands drastically for a snug fit regardless of size
  • External designs of each EGG reflect the internal details within them – with a variety of different designs containing different Pleasures.
  • Disposable Easy-To-Use Design: Crack open the shell-like casing, pour in the attached lotion, and you’re ready to go; Simply place our male stroker back in the shell and dispose of it.
  • Made in Japan.


Each male masturbator stroker is constructed of super-stretchable material that can fit users of almost any size. Designed to provide an array of sensations, each male stroking masturbator EGG features unique internal details. Simply unwrap, add the enclosed pouch of lube, and indulge yourself in knee-trembling sensations with our super-tactile men’s masturbator. So, perfect travel toy – pop it in your pocket and enjoy the ultimate ready-to-go-right-now orgasm.

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High-quality Silicone

Package Included:
1 X EGG Male Masturbator
1 X Packaging Box

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