Crystal Adjustable Extension penis sleeves


  • High quality
  • Perfect Fit
  • Adjustable design



Crystal Adjustable Extension penis sleeves, provide an instant boost to both girth and length, past a viable textured outer sleeve that looks just once the real situation.

Model No:-1499

Main Feature:

  • Penis extension sex toy for men
  • Soft crystal beads on the surface stimulate
  • 100% new High-quality material, safe and durable, reusable after cleaning.
  • We hope that you will enjoy using our product.
  • It provides an instant boost to both girth and length, in the past a practicable textured outer sleeve that looks just similar to the real situation.
  • So practicable Penis & Texture- Fully sentient the vaginal suffering feeling place, arousing her indigenous sexual longing and triggering fused mind-blowing orgasms.
  • This Condom Extender makes your cock enlarged, thicker, and longer, greater than before stimulating your ladies G-spot.

Created to satisfy the most commanding penises. The crystal beads in description to the surface can greater than enliven your wife’s most tender part so that your sexual animatronics will be more friendly and glad. So, the set is ideal for either male or female use, to meet the expense of sexual stimulation through shrewdness to a male or female fashion attachment. Powerful orgasm g improvement to liven up. So, it is ideal to act on some sex toys. So, waterproof, and easy to tidy.

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High-quality Material

Package Included:
1 X Crystal Adjustable Extension penis sleeves
1 X Packaging Box

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